Steel Hook Prostheses – Atrocitizer

r-1425994-1218712111While Steel Hook Prostheses’ Atrocitizer will probably not be considered their most aggressive release, it is unquestionably their most unsettling and creepy. 10 tracks in total and close to 50 minutes of death industrial in it’s purest form, dripping and oozing with sinister intentions, and full of grim electronics, unnerving pulsations, and cold frequency spasms that swarm from a fetid pit of malevolence. Add in a steady stream of ultra menacing , processed vocals and nightmarish samples, and surely you have one of the more disturbing releases ever to be released on Malignant. Steel Hook Prostheses formed in 1999, and since then have amassed an impressive discography of limited CDR releases. Atrocitizer is just their second full length non CDR release following 2005’s Light Reflected from a Cold Cutting Table.

01 – Dehumanization
02 – Murderous Science
03 – Tepid Discharge
04 – In Dreams We Are Malevolent
05 – Skin Melt Threshold
06 – Scarifier (Alternate version)
07 – Trauma Bonding
08 – Grand Declaration of Obedience
09 – Atrocitizer
10 – The Excruciation Sequence



~ by heavyelectronics on March 22, 2009.

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