Genocide Organ – Leichenlinie

r-182368-002For my first actual upload for this blog I thought I’d start with a classic, so here’s Genocide Organ’s debut album.

01 – Ave Satani
02 – Mind Control
03 – Klaus Barbie
04 – Face of Horror
05 – Come Orgasm
06 – Stalins Orgeln
07 – 1… 2… Tot
08 – Negros in Sky-Wars
09 – Keiner kommt zurück



~ by heavyelectronics on March 22, 2009.

One Response to “Genocide Organ – Leichenlinie”

  1. Hey man, LOVE this album and specially that crazy-ass last song, so thanks for this!

    Got a little problem, though — the password just won’t work, and I tried EVERYTHING. Simple copying+pasting, no spaces, a space before and/or a space after, capital H in “heavyelectronics,” no capital H in “heavyelectronics”, etc., etc., etc. Nothing works, though…?

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