– Dogs of Total Order

r-231219-1108984300Is a war going on in the cold land of Finland?, a newcomer on the noise industrial label Freak Animal, almost makes us believe so. The 12 song on “Dogs of total order” are fine examples of the breeding of power electronics and more rhythmic noise.

Raw, very noisy, loud and heavy, the sound of is, for the most part, typical of power electronics. Walls of distortion and feedback are layed over each other, forming a heavy barrier between the saturated screams of the singer and the listener. Tracks like “Neuroscan” or “Victory is a question of Stamina” may remind of Slogun, Genocide Organ or some Haus Arafna material. However, without putting all their effort in aggressive noises, the members of also know how to create very heavy ambiences, oppressive and industrial to the core. Then come different tracks, like “General Enemy” or “Vihollinen”, which feature beats and rhythms, the whole thing staying very distorted and heavy. “Dusty” and chaotic, the sound of these tracks is far from the current technoid noise trend, and may remind more of “dirtyer” bands, like Eisengrau. Less direct and enraged, these songs are nonetheless very aggressive and dark.

Despite the sound quality, that could be improved, manage to get the attention of the listener and sign here a very dark and confrontational CD (but what else can you expect with such an album title?) than is easier to listen to than the average power electronics production but stays far more aggressive and heavier than just noise organized into rhythms. All in all, a very good CD from a promising band.

Review stolen from Recycle Your Ears.

01 – Neuroscan
02 – Memory Cell
03 – General Enemy
04 – Recover
05 – Can You See the Light
06 – Pain Cut Escape
07 – Victory is a Question of Stamina
08 – State of War
09 – Pillhead
10 – Vihollinen
11 – Homicide Division
12 – Ylösnousemus

Dogs of Total Order

~ by heavyelectronics on March 22, 2009.

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