Welcome to Heavy Electronics blog

Hello and welcome to the Heavy Electronics blog. Here I’ll be posting about some of my favorite music genres such as Death Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, Dark/Ritual Ambient, Experimental, etc. I’m not much of a writer or reviewer, so most of the time I’ll most likely post an album and steal a review from somewhere else. The purpose of the blog is mainly to share underground heavy/harsh electronics music with likeminded individuals as well as for me being able to easily access my music when I’m working abroad.

I’m also into Martial, Neoclassical and some Neofolk music, and will most likely start another blog dedicated to these genres exclusively, as this one is intended to cover harsher sounds only. I’m also into old Death, Doom and some Black Metal as well, but there are thousands of blogs already covering these genres, and being the lazy fuck I am, 2 blogs are enough.

I’ll start posting soon.


~ by heavyelectronics on March 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Welcome to Heavy Electronics blog”

  1. … 80’s PE will be greatly appreciated !!! any Ayatollah Of Noise (AON) album ??? please posted

  2. It’s a goddamn tasty blog. Thanks so much for your effort.

  3. Hey! Thanks for all the great downloads and for the amazing support. Best wishes, Keith [Final Trauma Recordings]

  4. http://www.finaltraumarecordings.wordpress.com

    Thank you for all your support….,
    Keith [+FTR+]

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