IRM – Red Album

redFantastic debut LP from swedish power electronics duo IRM.

01 – Some Inner Domain
02 – Powerdrill
03 – Unconscious
04 – Soulcleaner
05 – Martyr 2000
06 – Katharsis
07 – R.S.

Red Album


~ by heavyelectronics on March 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “IRM – Red Album”

  1. thanks for posting this. Been looking for this. Now any EUGENICS COUNCIL would be highly appreciated.. Great blog.


    • I’ll try to get some EC up soon. Work leaves me almost no spare time these days.

      ps. those Grammal Seizure tracks on your link are pretty damn killer!

  2. Thanks, I have a lot of free downloads on “Because God Told me to Do it” and “Kill your Godz”.. I just did an interview with Brad Miller and it’s posted on KILL YOUR GODZ and EMOFAG.NET…
    Looking forward to that EUGENICS COUNCIL STUFF…. Thanks a million.

    Erik / Grammal Seizure

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