SKM-ETR – The Rugged Meat Cleaver

skmetr1Ahhh, here’s the long-awaited full-length debut from Canada’s premier power electronics outfit. Damn near an hour of ruthless death industrial/power electronics complete with all the staples of the genre: Thick layers of nasty distortion, atmospheric ambient rumblings, loose structures and rhythms, layers of pointed samples, and hyper fucking distorted vocals… of course. I was floored by SKM-ETR from my very first listen, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Formulaic? Perhaps. But the formula fucking works, and for my money this project is taking the classic framework and really pushing it to a subtle new level. As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of the things that I find the most rewarding about SKM-ETR’s work is that the songs often feel like songs. It’s incredibly rare for a noise artist from any niche of the genre to hit on that sort of angle, but these tracks do succeed in such once more. Everything flows along at an intentional pace, the songs start, they build, they change, they repeat, and they end – everything feels intentional and planned out. You know what’s coming next oftentimes, be it due to effective use of persistent repetition, or due to the actual architecture of the individual pieces. I also find the recording to be highly effective in its use of rugged distortion and at times raw mixing tactics, keeping in line with old school aesthetics of atmosphere at the sacrifice of minor details, while still throwing in those subtle hints of melody and percussive rhythms that make such an impact. Most of the tracks hit right around six or seven minutes, but none of ’em get stale, so the total running time ends up working – which can also be a rarity with this style. “Lunch Bag Suicide” is somewhat more minimal and straightforward with its use of panned and slightly more discernible vocals (at times) with straight up distortion sans too much layering; the brilliant “Just Another Cunt” has a great lull of ominous melody humming underneath its windy distortion and slow-paced vocal delivery, by far one of the most menacing and bleakly atmospheric tracks herein; “Prostitute Wanna-Be” is one of the more abrasive tracks when it reaches its crescendos of grating high-end; and “Sainthood (New Found Religion)” closes the disc on a high note with a longer re-recording of one of my favorite SKM-ETR tracks from a previous PACrec release, complete with applicable samples and choral musical melodies deep in the midst of rhythmic distorted surges. Among the outside contributions on the disc are “BFI Law” with lyrics/vocals by Brethren, “Break Your Face” with lyrics/vocals from the one and only Slogun (not to mention an uncharacteristic but not completely surprising hip-hop flavored intro and subsequent programmed beat), and additional source sounds from Stephen Petrus (Murderous Vision, In Death’s Throes, etc.). The disc comes in a simple black and white digipack with a large meat cleaver wrapping around the outer cover, and inside is a black and white booklet with a row of small photos of trash, homeless people, kids hanging out on street corners, road signs, etc. Certainly nothing as questionable or direct as one might expect based on the music and lyrics, but suggestive nonetheless based on the attitude expressed through the songs (Though few of the samples used herein are likely to garner too much attention from the “politically correct” crowd, which is a plus in my book since that road is a little too “easy”, you know?). Highly fucking recommended for all fans of the power electronics genre, as well as those lingering at its outskirts. It scarcely gets to a higher level of quality than this, especially musically. Of course the packaging isn’t quite as striking as some of the genre’s more adventurous works, but the sounds themselves? Purely excellent. (9/10)

Review stolen from here.

01 – Aborigutter
02 – We Are Going to Eat You
03 – BFI Law
04 – Lunch Bag Suicide
05 – Break Your Face
06 – Thana.45
07 – Just Another Cunt
08 – Prostitute Wanna-Be
09 – Sainthood (New Found Religion)

The Rugged Meat Cleaver

~ by heavyelectronics on March 24, 2009.

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  1. Damn, its passowrd protected! (please can you remove the password)

  2. oh, damn, lol PW LOL

    • The password is: for all my uploads. Just copy/paste it.

  3. one of the best pe albums ever

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