Survival Unit – From Isolation to Desolation

su2 2002 MC release from Survival Unit. According to Discogs, this tape was limited to 8 copies (?!?!).

01 – Desperate Hours
02 – Pray Them Bars Away
03 – Running on Emptiness
04 – Discipline (Norrland)
05 – Snipers of Reality
06 – Currency Being Current
07 – Hit Where It Hurts
08 – From Isolation to Desolation

From Isolation to Desolation


~ by heavyelectronics on March 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “Survival Unit – From Isolation to Desolation”

  1. This file is corrupted. Crashes when opening. Could you re-up?

    • Just downloaded and checked the file and it works fine. This happens sometimes when the file hasn’t downloaded in its entirety.

  2. You’re right. it only downloads 76 mb. i’ve kept trying and that’s all i get each time. weird. if it won’t put you out could you post this on mediafire or megaupload, maybe that would work. cheers.

  3. forget that, used a different utility and it opened, all ok

  4. I remember seeing this being shared on Soulseek by Kristian many moons ago, so it’s well possible that the physical product was limited to eight pieces.

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