Final Solution – Do as You’re Told & Rape Session

finalsolutionMore US power electronics, now here’s two 7” eps by Final Solution. Lovely lyrics! Sorry no cover for Rape Session.

Do as You’re Told 7”EP 1992

01 – Do as You’re Told
02 – Kill Mode

Rape Session 7”EP 2005

01 – Rape Session
02 – Strip Search

Do as You’re Told
Rape Session

~ by heavyelectronics on April 6, 2009.

9 Responses to “Final Solution – Do as You’re Told & Rape Session”

  1. big ups for ya mate !! rock’n’roll !!

  2. I can’t get these to work. the password seems to not be working

    • That’s strange. I just downloaded both files and they’re working fine. Maybe you’re typing the password wrongly or in caps? Try copying/pasting it.

    • Corey,

      I’ve had that problem too with a couple of files from this blog. Copy / paste WORKS, as suggested by the owner. But you may have to repeat the process a few times. Some bug with WinRAR possibly, but the passwords ARE correct. Keep trying.

  3. These recordings are surprisingly great! Expected very little from an act named “Final Solution”. Got very much. Thank you! Any chance you have a full length LP or CD by them?

    • I’ll be uploading some more FS soon. I’m incredibly busy with work atm.
      Glad you liked this shit!

  4. any chance to get these re-upped without the password? i’m dying to hear ’em.

  5. did you get the LP up?

  6. final solution is the best american power electronics group

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