Gift – Shoah

shoah“Gift is one half of Operation Cleansweep working on rather similar style of german heavy electronics. Strong use of analog synth lays the background for the tracks, at times ominously pulsating and creating a slow rhythmical approach and at times (as in the second track “Final Station”) creating more noisy and distorted attacks. The spoken samples are the other prominent element in the tracks and even if it’s quite impossible to figure out what they’re about just by listening, the cover artwork and the accompanying post cards make it clear that the theme concentrates on the Holocaust and especially the Nuremberg trials. Gift doesn’t quite reach the quality of Operation Cleansweep, but gives promises of great things for the future and I must say I’d prefer hearing a full length work since somehow this 7” seems too short to really get into it. This 7” is part of the Steinklang singles series ridiculously limited to 150 copies, so I guess this has been sold out, but buy it if you can and keep an eye on Gift in the future.”

Review stolen from Degenerate Magazine #4.

01 – Shoah I
02 – Final Station
03 – Shoah II
04 – Judenrat



~ by heavyelectronics on April 16, 2009.

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