Taint – Misogynist Lust

misogynistlustHeavy and crushing US noise/power electronics. This tape version was a private edition limited to 28 copies and has 14 tracks instead of the 10 on the CD and LP.

Pros Mix 1998

01 – Sluttish
02 – Dirty Blonde Whore
03 – Whoremonger
04 – Wackelpeter
05 – Streetmeat
06 – Vivisection of a Lovely Young Woman
07 – Laura Smithers
08 – Friendswood, TX

Slaughter Mix 1997

09 – Laura Smithers
10 – Ultra: Wackelpeter / Dirty Blonde Whore
11 – Streetmeat
12 – Whoremonger
13 – Vivisection of a Lovely Young Woman
14 – Sluttish

Misogynist Lust
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~ by heavyelectronics on April 16, 2009.

One Response to “Taint – Misogynist Lust”

  1. Having trouble with this file. Would you be willing to repost this possibly on Megaupload? I really appreciate what you do here. This blog has proven to be a tremendous resource to me in the throes of a blossoming interest in PE. Thank you for helping me develop my taste.

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