Control – The Cleansing

thecleansingThis is a re-issue CD of sorts pulling together material from various out of print releases. Included are tracks from the original “The Cleansing” 3″ on Frozen Empire Media, the tracks from the “Praying to Bleed” 7″ on LSDO, two tracks from the “Field Tales” compilation on Hospital Prod., and one track from the “Bitmapping” compilation on Objective-Subjective for a total of 9 tracks all together. Everything on the CD has been re-mastered and comes in a snazzy slip sleeve. If you aren’t familiar with Control yet this might be a good taster since it pulls material from different time periods together, if you are there may be some rarities here you weren’t able to track down. It seems like I say this a lot, but I really feel Control is a project that should be seen as the measuring stick to judge other Power Electronics projects by because it is consistently stellar material. The detail in the music, the clarity of the production, the originality in the sound design, tasteful use of sampling and the fury in the vocals all build something denser, more evocative and genuinely powerful than what many are accustomed to hearing from this genre.

Review stolen from here.

01 – Disease
02 – Deciding Facotr
03 – Cleansing
04 – Elite
05 – The Final Day
06 – Abduction
07 – Demise
08 – Praying to Bleed
09 – Lustkiller

The Cleansing


~ by heavyelectronics on June 3, 2009.

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