Blunt Force Trauma – Bled Out

bft-boPacked with nearly an hour of some of the most punishing and hateful vibrations ever to cross my tinnitus plagued eardrums, comes the debut release “Bled Out”, from BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA. This project is the joint effort of Jonathan Canady (DEAD WORLD/DEATH PILE) and Scott Candey (CINDER SKIN/GRUNTSPLATTER) whom effectively explore the limitless avenues of harsh noise scapes and infinitely layered articles of sound. The result is a challenging listen which sonically simulates the horror of being turned inside out, or possibly getting attacked by a swarming hive of bees. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA have triumphed by incorporating an underlying dark atmosphere in the tracks “Saeva Indignatio”, “Germinal Crawler” and “Shades Below” for example, by weaving indiscrete synth passages and samples into the caustic fray. Noise enthusiasts shall lap up the conviction and inventive delivery hatched by this 2 man project, and I think those of you into the Dark Ambient field will equally appreciate the sense of emotion swelling beneath the surface. Painful sounds from tortured souls.

Review stolen from Worm Gear #5.

01 – Schreklichkeit
02 – Saeva Indignatio
03 – Germinal Crawler
04 – Rindpest
05 – Shades Below
06 – Call of the Unrighteous
07 – Voltage Stimulator
08 – Expunge and Humiliate
09 – Parade of Cripples
10 – Of Domination and Whim

Bled Out


~ by heavyelectronics on July 2, 2009.

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  1. If anyone wants the original CD (limited to 1000) you can get it here:

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