Blunt Force Trauma – The Weight of the Feeble

bft-twotfThis project is a collaborative effort between Deathpile and Gruntsplatter, here offering up some excellent death industrial/power electronics with lots of crisp distortion and menacing atmospheres, as well as sweeping ambient undercurrents and clouded vocals deep in the mix. There’s a lot of stereo panning, almost constantly, so each speaker works independently of the other for the majority of the track, creating some interesting layering effects. It seems like perhaps there’s a lot more going on than there actually is, as a lot of interesting (and potentially illusory) sounds are created with the layering. The crunchy and loud sound quality adds a lot of gritty texture to the tones and makes things bright and punchy. I might like to hear the vocals come up a bit in the mix, but I like the fact that they’re there without being too dominant or central. Hand-numbered of only 48 copies, the “business card” CD-R comes in a standard plastic sleeve. The back cover is all text (a few email addresses), but the front cover is a brightly colored reddish/brown photograph of two children facedown on a bed, hands and feet bound. Disturbing, but very nice. Another great piece of work from PACrec that no doubt sold out within 24 hours.

01 – The Weight of the Feeble

The Weight of the Feeble


~ by heavyelectronics on July 2, 2009.

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