Brethren – Savage Inequalities

savageinequalitiesAggressive and hateful Power Electronics. One of my fave current bands!

Freak Animal presents this release which offers ten original power electronics assaults with violent shouted vocals, leaving no doubt in the listener’s mind that Brethren means every word. Each structured track on this American power electronics release takes on subjects deemed controversial and/or politically incorrect by today’s standards. Brethren’s outspoken political views are perfectly represented by the brutal electronics, thought provoking lyrics and provocative images.

Also, here is the live CDr Within Death You Will Be Free.

01 – Freedom
02 – Bloodland
03 – Alien Nation
04 – We Have Come to Purify
05 – Swarm of Ignorance
06 – Hail AIDS
07 – The Light
08 – Not for You
09 – Cold Slavery
10 – Criminal

Savage Inequalities

~ by heavyelectronics on July 2, 2009.

One Response to “Brethren – Savage Inequalities”

  1. Hey, I loved it! Thanks for both records and the link to the interview.

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