Organized Resistance – Day of the Rope

dayoftheropeThis three-member unit delivers the most violent and aggressive power electronics highly influenced by the notorious book The Turner Diaries. Organized Resistance presents views on the U.S. racial situation more explicitly than has ever been heard within the realm of power electronics. Aggressive vocals of Brethren spit like fire on top of painful but varied sounds. Definitely not for sensitive humanists!

01 – Revolution
02 – Zombies
03 – Tools of Communication
04 – What Will You Do
05 – Where Do You Stand
06 – Defiled
07 – Setting the Stage
08 – Separation & disposal
09 – Tools of Communication Pt.2
10 – Everybody
11 – Day of the Rope

Day of the Rope


~ by heavyelectronics on July 2, 2009.

One Response to “Organized Resistance – Day of the Rope”

  1. I just discovered your blog!
    Congratulations for your past contributions to the defunct Deathlust, a great blog!
    I will now follow your new blog!

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