Cloama – Revisionist Knowledge

revisionistknowledgeRevisionist Knowledge is yet another great release delivered from Finland’s enduring and now quite eclectic Cloama. Cloama is a member of and if you know their work, you know the work of Cloama will be quality material, this release being a good example of that.

The first thing that draws me in is the concepts that are hinted throughout this release: album name, song titles, and packaging. Ideas and hints are exceptionally presented and really remind me of one of the many things I love about noise, forming my own interpretation of the work presented. Revisionist Knowledge seems to be many things at once. But first and foremost it appears to be Cloama’s own, private interpretation of certain historical elements, among these are elements of power struggles (Beloved Caesar) and the manipulation of knowledge by historians and other political figures deriving from interpretation of historical texts (Degraded Thought Steganography).

Sonically presented here are 8 tracks of harsh experimental electronics with power electronic influences (a.k.a. vocals). Within the depths of this release you will find overblown synth tones, pulsating feedback loops, distorted field recordings, and mixed usually very quietly, lurking in the background, the persistent screams ranting and raving his insane views that we all know are right but are afraid to admit. The tracks range from solid material to some of the excellent material present in “Degraded Thought Steganography Part II” (the second audio sample) where you are immediately pummeled with a throbbing synth tone. What really makes this album is that there are the textures are always moving so you never get bored.

The only real drawback to this release is in the production. Although some tracks are recorded live (I’m assuming in the studio due to the lack of crowd sounds), it sounds as if he didn’t go strait from his mixing board but set up a mic in front of a PA and went off. I can understand that perhaps some of the feedback elements were dependent on this, but you can often find a way to record them and then mix them in later to sound decent. The result of this is a tinny sounding reverb on each track making it a bit ineffective at lower volumes (yes I listen to noise quietly) and not as punchy at higher volumes. Due to the overall quality of the release though – this isn’t that big of a deal, and because it’s so persistent it’s not too invasive to Cloama’s world represented here.

This is one of my favorite releases of 2005 and I recommend anyone into harsh electronics pick it up.

Review stolen from Blood Ties Webzine.

01 – Disease Eradication
02 – Parasite Scanner
03 – Beloved Caesar
04 – Execution Irritation
05 – Revisionist Knowledge
06 – Degraded Through Steganography (Part I)
07 – Degraded Through Steganography (Part II)
08 – Irritation Execution

Revisionist Knowledge

~ by heavyelectronics on July 4, 2009.

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