– Glass Cage are back after their furious debut “Dogs of total order” and before the upcoming full length album on Malignant / Black Plagve, with a red vinyl 7″ released on the Finnish Kaos Kontrol label.

The first track, “In a glass cage” is pretty much what I would call the typical sound of the band: dense walls of noises are stomped over by very noisy repetitive patterns, as an aggressive violent voice spits its hate towards the listener. Having its roots in power electronics, this is still more rhythmic than the usual suspects of the genre (Genocide Organ, Sutcliffe Jugend & co.), and fits more with bands like Institut or Eisengrau, on the most violent and confrontational fringre of rhythmic stuff.

The second track, “Hypnoosi” is surprising, with its much clearer beat and his “calm” mood, in comparison to the previous song. it still carries some noise, but is more laid back, and feature a voice samples that calmly replace the anger of’s vocalist. Finally, “You or them”, on the b side, is a less rhythmic track that builds slowly. It contains deep percussions and a grunting mix of noises, as well as a “I wanna kill somebody” sample. It’s maybe the most complex track of the 7″, taking the heaviness of “In a glass cage”, but not the rhythmic aspect.

“Glass cage” is a short but nice 7″ that will probably sell out quite quick, since “Dogs of total order” has been well received. It’s for sure an interesting record, that will even increase the expectations towards the next album.

Review stolen from Recycle Your Ears.

Dogs of Total Order can be found here.

01 – In a Glass Cage
02 – Hypnoosi
03 – You or Them

Glass Cage


~ by heavyelectronics on July 4, 2009.

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