Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester – brakeHEAD


The music behind the duo of Peter Nyström and Kristoffer Oustad is not light, it’s not easily digestible, grooving, or even the type of thing you’d play for uplifting the spirit. Nope, nothing could be further from the truth. This music is sinister, dark, entrancing, and driven. The brakeHEAD EP is the soundtrack of traveling in some sunless underground military-industrial complex a la Half-Life. From the very start of the first track “biTer,” the sound of distorted feedback noise is molded and shaped, keeps getting bigger and evolving so much to the point that you are engulfed in the darkness all while being lulled into a trance by the tribal reverberated drums. These aren’t techno beats or dance grooves. These are big heavy slab kicks, oil drum rhythmic toms, and just the industrial drum sounds that made all the rivet-heads rummage through the junkyard to complement their drum machines. In an era where the term “industrial” is more of a fashion statement, these guys are truly making contemporary post-industrial music in the true sense of the genre. They craft each stark composition with layers of deep, low, rumbling drones, noise sweeps, and clanking drums along with the AM radio effected dialogue here and there. The ambience is set by the swelling noises and the scrapyard drum beds that act as a focal energy point to carry each track as they build up and fall down into broken rubble. Musically, the only comparison would be to take Mark Spybey and Chris Vrenna and lock them in a dark room for a day; the end result would be something similar to Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester. This is one of the best new releases in the dark post-industrial genre that I’ve heard in awhile. Crisp production, well done drum beds that accompany these sunless aural nightmares is what really sets this CD above the endless sea of experimental noise music. This duo manages to keep a consistently bleak soundtrack on all four tracks and to keep their own identity, not trying to sound like anyone else. This is a highly recommended release for any fans of post-industrial, dark ambient, and experiment noise music.

Review stolen from here.

01 – BiTer (Deep Cut Edit)
02 – High_Level_Input – Slow_Speed_Output (Well Done)
03 – ExtenDEAD Konnektion (Shortended Diskonnekted Version)
04 – Asphalt Flowers (Kontinenttalische Norswedische Ordnungsverskriftung Mix)



~ by heavyelectronics on July 5, 2009.

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