Brighter Death Now – 1890

1890-1In the current strident flow of industrial music releases a few persons will most likely forever stand out as being more invigoratingly dedicated and for always having a fingermarked touch added to their outcome. Make no mistake, BDN are certainly among them. This grudgy long playing vinyl disc is painstakingly minimal in it´s structural form, maybe not what you expected and better off for it. With it´s dense soundscapes, dark and dirty oppressive atmospheres, “1890” feels almost like an unpleasant rebirth. The obscene themes and selfexposing vocals has taken a step back, now instead letting the music talk for itself. The pattern here is obvious, from the first track´s surprising enigmatic deep factory hummings to the fantastic muffled outbursts of the last. Given the right time, this new album soon will be regarded as one among the classics. This is nothing less than pure industrial muzak for the awakening of your soul.

01 – I
02 – II
03 – III
04 – IV



~ by heavyelectronics on July 7, 2009.

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