Haare – The Temple

thetempleWhen it comes to noise, few are better than Finland’s Haare. Over the course of two sprawling tracks (each is right around 20 minutes), Haare unfolds a distorted and twisted worldview that will leave the listener crouched in the fetal position in a corner. The first track, “The Temple,” is a blacked-out journey through the icy depths of the Danube. Entrenched in murky, low-frequency howls, you are pulled to the river’s floor and dragged along in the swift current. This is music made underneath perpetually grey skies. It’s dark and brooding, but on some unconscious level, there’s a comfort in it. It plods along rhythmically, never letting you out of its cold and stony grasp. It makes sense. “Satori,” however, is like the evil cousin everyone in your family tries to forget. Wrapped in a blanket of harsh feedback, “Satori” is a continual aural assault that never lets up. This shit is wrecked. It’s the sound of descending into the furthest reaches of hell. This is the sound a black hole makes. Nothing can escape this horrendous grasp. Noise is rarely done better, and this keeps the listener on edge, in a constant state of flux. “Satori” winds you up into a little ball, spits you out, and stomps on your face for good measure. And really, isn’t that what making such racket is all about? Absolutely. 7/10

Review stolen from Foxy Digitalis.

01 – The Temple
02 – Satori

The Temple
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~ by heavyelectronics on July 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Haare – The Temple”

  1. I don’t see a d/l link

  2. thanks, good work on all the post, appreciated

  3. more HAARE please!
    do you have something of NOISEUSE?

    • Sorry I don’t have any Noiseuse, but I’ll upload some more Haare soon. Stay tuned!

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