Intrinsic Action – Sado-Electronics

sadoelectronicsIntrinsic Action formed in Chicago in 1984 and have since been a highly influential factor in shaping the now thriving DIY noise scene in Chicago and beyond. With the use of synths and primitive electronics Intrinsic Action created raw, brutal industrial noise better known as “power-electronics” to categorize. These aggressive aural assaults were often a vehicle for Mark Solotroff’s paranoid, morbid distopian lyrics. The ghosts of Throbbing Gristle, early Suicide, Whitehouse (whom they joined for their first US tour), SPK, Swans and Napalm Death looms heavy throughout their sound.

01 – Male Payment
02 – In a Glass Cage
03 – Feel the Bite
04 – Metamorph
05 – Libidinal Ramblings
06 – Sado-Electronics
07 – Misguided Thanks
08 – 1%
09 – Shock Pit
10 – Look Up to Me
11 – Proto-Male
12 – Surgical Stainless Steel I
13 – Surgical Stainless Steel II
14 – Surgical Stainless Steel III
15 – Surgical Stainless Steel IV
16 – Surgical Stainless Steel V
17 – Surgical Stainless Steel VI
18 – Surgical Stainless Steel VII
19 – Surgical Stainless Steel VIII
20 – Surgical Stainless Steel IX
21 – Surgical Stainless Steel X
22 – Surgical Stainless Steel XI



~ by heavyelectronics on August 27, 2009.

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