Final Solution – (Pa)in Demons 7/12

paindemonsOk, I promised more Final Solution ages ago and it’s been a long while but I finally remembered about it, so here it is. This is a live Final Solution tape released by Open Wound and is comprised of 2 different gigs. Side A is Live Demonstration 7 at the “Fake Space” in Philly, 8/16/91 and Side B is Live Demonstration 12 at the “Turmoil Room” in Pittsburgh, 9/12/92. Each side is ripped into a single file though, but you can find a tracklist below. Go for it, pervs.

Side A:

01 – All New Power (In Progress)
02 – Kill Mode
03 – Clitwork
04 – Bludgeon
05 – Cum O.D.
06 – S.W. Male
07 – Right to Hate

Side B:

01 – Lord Dahmer
02 – Bludgeon
03 – Do as You’re Told
04 – E.J.’s Speech

(Pa)in Demons

~ by heavyelectronics on August 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Final Solution – (Pa)in Demons 7/12”

  1. fucking brilliant, thanks for all these gems

  2. could this one also be re-upped w/out password? need ’em!! thanks

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