Con-Dom – Sermons

servitude01 – Runners
02 – An Agony (Common Currency)

Servitude – The First Sermon

hatred01 – Hate
02 – Butcher’s Bill

Hatred – The Second Sermon

righteousness01 – The Casting of Stones
02 – Mission to Kill (Hand of Mormon)

Righteousness – The Third Sermon

retribution01 – Vengeance
02 – Let Us Destroy the House of the Lord

Retribution – The Fourth Sermon

love01 – Fuck With Faith
02 – A Many Splendoured Thing

Love – The Fifth Sermon

glory01 – Battle Hymn
02 – Fence of Legs

Glory – The Sixth Sermon

law01 – Commandment
02 – Beattitudes (From the New Mount)

Law – The Seventh Sermon

sermon01 – Go Violently
02 – The Right to Be Here

8th Sermon


~ by heavyelectronics on September 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Con-Dom – Sermons”

  1. Great Blog. Thanks for all your efforts. There is no link with this post. Do you have any old Broken Flag. I have MB and early UK stuff if you want

    • Thanks. I’ve fixed the links. Sorry about that.
      I’ll try to have some old BF stuff up soon, work takes most of my time right now.

      And if you want to share stuff, sure! You can email me at neuralbacteriae[AT] anytime and I’ll have your contributions posted here.
      Be seeing you.

  2. THIRD SERMON is classic, a true killer

  3. greetings heavyelectronics crew

    I´d want thank you for all efforts and dedications to power electronics, noise and experimental music. a sincere job that get rewards.


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