Alchemy of the 20th Century – Liquid Metal

liquidmetalAlchemy of the 20th Century was an industrial/ambient/noise project of Mikko Aspa of Grunt/Nicole 12/Clinic of Torture.

01 – 13.10.1996
02 – 13.06.1996

Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal (Mediafire mirror. No password)


~ by heavyelectronics on September 17, 2009.

8 Responses to “Alchemy of the 20th Century – Liquid Metal”

  1. Thanks for the music but the password does not work

    • All the files were tested before being uploaded and the password works. Try copying/pasting.

      • I did copy and paste and still no go!

      • Ok, I just downloaded the file, copied and pasted the password and it WORKS. Make sure you’re not copying any extra spaces or something, because the password does work.

      • Ah what the hell, just posted a mirror on Mediafire without password.

  2. Thanks Dude!! How bout a similar link for Floating Steel??

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