Various Artists – Break Your Face

breakyourfaceReleased to accompany the European tour by the artists that took place in early October 2004. Limited to 500 copies.

01 – Sickness – Your Daily Dose of Anti-Social
02 – Sickness – Home Surgery With Dull Knives
03 – SKM-ETR – Concrete Soldier
04 – SKM-ETR – Ready for War
05 – Control – Your Flesh
06 – Control – Depraved
07 – Slogun – Watch and Wait
08 – Slogun – Me
09 – Slogun – Maybe, Just Maybe

Break Your Face


~ by heavyelectronics on September 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “Various Artists – Break Your Face”

  1. Hi
    Can you post these two albums?
    1.Circadian – Flanking The Black Moose
    2.Radiodrama – Autopsy Number 9

  2. Radiodrama is now up.

  3. Can’t download this album without becoming a rapidshare premium user.

    • You can, but not on weekends, when all RS free slots are taken 24 hours a day. Any other day of the week you shouldn’t have any problem.

  4. do you have SICKNESS “ruiner” or anyother sickness?


    • I have a couple of Sickness releases, but at the moment I’m unable to rip tapes or vinyl, but I’ll ask around anyway, something may pop up.

  5. awesome,thanks!

  6. also you might like this:

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