Econocon – Business Solutions for the Active Terrorist

businesssolutionsfortheactiveterroristHere we have disc of blistering power electronics fueled industrial music from J. Ulvtharm and K. Nordvargar (Mz.412, Folkstorm, etc.), with a third member S. Meinertz listed as “project manager” (recording engineer?). The entire album is based on a bunch of fantastic old analog synths, and crosses a variety of genres. While there is definitely a strong PE influence to these tracks, I also hear traces of traditional industrial, dark ambient, and even a little bit of some of the more creepy old “minimal synth” acts. With the members having so many side projects and such a wide variety of taste, I guess that’s not to surprising. The disc comes in well laid out jewel case, with a nice black and white booklet giving some hints at the intentions behind the music through artwork and different condensations for the bands name.

The disc starts of strong with drum machine fueled fist in the air. The vocals are whispered through layers of distortion, which occasionally gives burst of rhythmic feedback. Midrange synth lines accent the beat with clean jabs. “Hate Policy” the fourth track, has some nice pulsing synths, with a subdued layer of distortion over them, creating a thick background for some of my favorite vocals of the album. They are a mixture of whispers and throaty growls, with gobs of reverb and static ridden distortion on them. Moving onto the seventh song “general objective” things go into a much more musical territory, as the track starts out with and almost dub-like bass line, before layers of processed vocals and mic feedback creep in lulling you into the thick atmosphere.

This style of thick moving textures punctuated by the in your face vocal attacks, works quite well at keeping the album moving and interesting. Since this was recorded in 2000 and a follow up has yet to be seen I assume that this will be your only chance to get to know this project. All in all a good album, but I would have liked to have seen how the project might have progressed over time. This feels like a killer demo tape to me, with the ideas needing to be expanded on to make something really great.

Review stolen from Heathen Harvest.

01 – Business as Usual
02 – Extermination Strategy
03 – Hate Policy
04 – Mass Murder AB
05 – Chain of Command
06 – RFP – Genocide
07 – General Objective
08 – Stock Exchange Terror

Business Solutions for the Active Terrorist


~ by heavyelectronics on October 2, 2009.

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