Mz.412 vs Folkstorm – Live Ceremony

liveceremonyAfter the ‘softer’ “Domine Rex Inferum” release of 2001, Swedish Industrial legend MZ.412 returns with an onslaught of post-industrial noise terror! “Live Ceremony” includes top quality material recorded during a rare live performance at the Collapse Festival in Rostock / Germany, where mastermind Nordvargr and his ceremonial members were headliners. This set, which was performed in a full metal loading space of the former fishing trawler MS “Stubnitz”, includes some of the most CLASSIC tracks from the MZ412 albums including the powerful and rhythmic material for which the Swedish are famous alongside their ritual and  occult aspects… Sounds vary between clear, metallic and noisy elements alongside crashed disharmonies, well selected samples and the exalted vocals from Nordvargr. “Live Ceremony” presents an impressive post-industrial document. Additionally this release also contains three powerful tracks from the MZ.412 sideproject Folkstorm (two of them released on a very limited CDR, while the other has not been available EVER). “Live Ceremony” presents true Swedish Black Industrial at it’s very best!

01 – Mz.412 – Act I
02 – Mz.412 – Act II
03 – Mz.412 – Act III
04 – Mz.412 – Act IV
05 – Mz.412 – Act V
06 – Mz.412 – Act VI
07 – Mz.412 – Act VII
08 – Folkstorm – Child of Decay
09 – Folkstorm – Hatesong
10 – Folkstorm – Kapnoiseology

Live Ceremony

~ by heavyelectronics on October 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mz.412 vs Folkstorm – Live Ceremony”

  1. i don’t know if your policiy allows this, but here is one of the best MZ recordings ever :

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