Söldnergeist – Global Media Control

globalmediacontrolThrough voice sample collages and crude droning soundscapes this CD examines and reflects various elements of control and influence in our society. These compositions are basic and minimal, lengthy and repetitive, yet they draw you in with their stark simplicity and convey an effectively desolate message.
“Realities of War” samples from David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, an 80s psychological horror flick dealing with the warped realities conveyed through television. These ideas are just as relevant now as they were when the film was made over a decade ago. The human brain is said to function less when watching TV than when sleeping; however, that sure can’t be said about listening to this song.
“Great Amerika” dawns the first semblance of rhythm on the disk with it’s heavy, repetitive vibrations. George Bush is the thematic focal point of this song, with a sampled fragment of an old presidential speech promoting the death penalty. This is political, socially aware noise–a reflection of various media, and the systematic abuse of music technology. Confronting the demons of humanity has never sounded so justifiably cold and inhumane.

Review stolen from Last Sigh.

01 – Information Age
02 – Fraktal Analyse
03 – Great Amerika
04 – Realities of War
05 – No Moral Code
06 – TV Overdose
07 – Let’s See the Lights

Global Media Control
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~ by heavyelectronics on October 10, 2009.

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