Cazzodio – Ad Negantem Usum Significationes

adnegantemusumsignificationesThe sound of collapsing civilization. Beyond noise, beyond power electronics, CAZZODIO are the slayers of your normality. Harsh, raw, decomposed, saturated fragments of mental distortion.

01 – Volontà Mutilata
02 – Ultimo Avviso: Insurrezione!
03 – Waste
04 – Geometrie d’Odio
05 – Submit to the Lord
06 – Pleasure Sequence
07 – Ad Negantem Usum Significationes
08 – Naked Lie
09 – Ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni
10 – Altre Danze Tra I Cadaveri dei Servi del Grigiore
11 – Il Significatio Attribuibile al Silenzio
12 – Submit to the Lord (Prey Robot mix)

Ad Negantem Usum Significationes

~ by heavyelectronics on November 15, 2009.

One Response to “Cazzodio – Ad Negantem Usum Significationes”

  1. Owesome disc….. thanks…!!!

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