Cazzodio – Il Tempo della Locusta

iltempodellalocustaNow this is REAL industrial! Distorted percussion and structured metallic tones beat in the listener’s skull as heavily distorted samples run in and out of the overloaded mindfuck. I don’t remember hearing any actual instrumentation or music music, just raw, grinding noise and torturous scrapes. The only downfall of this recording is that offen there is alot of repetition as the tracks more or less idle. They don’t really grow to a climax or slowly build and evolve, but moreso just go trot along in some sort of insect- and distortion-driven daze. But, in that, you can almost feel these metallic locusts riding the wind in a cloud of static and feedback as they eat the flesh of screaming humans and conquer a hopeless world who’s last option is pathetic pleading for the human sheep who reside within it haven’t the dignity to die without whimpering.

Review stolen from Last Sigh.

01 – Serial Mutilation / Maximum Productivity
02 – Gabbia di Ferro
03 – Vivisecting a Priest
04 – Carcere Ovunque
05 – Kale Barroka
06 – Il Tempo della Locusta
07 – Decuplicazione delle Spore
08 – All’assalio della Societa’ Spettacolare-Mercantile
09 – Uno
10 – Black Flags on a Burning World
11 – Der integrierte Schaltkreiskäfig
12 – Among the Corpses of the Servants of Drabness
13 – Untitled

Il Tempo della Locusta


~ by heavyelectronics on November 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Cazzodio – Il Tempo della Locusta”

  1. Hi,

    Do you have “In Sweet Sorrow” by THREAD and can post this?
    Thanx in advance.

  2. Very interesting album…. thanks…!!!

  3. I’m currently working on a tribute album to 90 Italian Industrial, UNO from this album is going to be one of the covers.
    I’ll send you the link once it’s ready.

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