Brethren – Kingdom Coming

Brethren are one of those projects that just gets progressively better with each passing release, taking the necessary time and using constraint between each, every new item that Mr. Rodgers is like a newsflash, or more precisely a lecture. For the easily offended or any with leftist sympathies I’d suggest giving this a wide, wide berth. Brethren makes no qualms about where it stands and just by looking over the cover, the anti-semitic, pro-white stance should be blazingly obvious, but whether you agree with the political stance or not, the power of the sounds cannot be denied.

Side A begins with “Kingdom Coming”, one of the noisier things I’ve heard from Brethren. Lots of feedback, explosive static and a single, long abrasive sound while someone reads from the bible, it reminds me of the Emergency Broadcast System test sound that always freaked me out as a kid. Rodgers’ trades this off with his screams about the Christians right bedding down with Israel, which is the dominant theme of the record. It’s extremely short at 1:18. Wrapping up the A side is “Semitic Sermon”. This track has this incredible feedback loop over a rolling synth line and David’s voice swells like he somehow doubled in size. There’s also a couple of televangelist samples, one of whom I’m pretty sure is Jimmy Swaggart, but all of those idiots sound the same to me. Again, explaining how all good Christians should back the Jews.

Closing out the EP on side B is “Torah Truth”. More squealing feedback meets droning synth lines and a grenade burst of low-end that provides a strange thudding rhythm throughout. More televangelist samples and Rodgers throat-ripping yell that really puts the guy in my top 5 of the all-time great Power Electronics vocalists and Brethren one of the elite of US/PE. I’m under the impression that this 7” is a preview of a full-length to come and I hope that is indeed a fact. There are not too many releases of this power and magnitude rolling down the pike these days. Limited to 250 copies with an insert and a lyrics sheet, just in case you missed anything. Another mandatory release from Freak Animal.

Review stolen from Plaguehaus.

01 – Kingdom Coming
02 – Semitic Sermon
03 – Torah Truth

Kingdom Coming


~ by heavyelectronics on November 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Brethren – Kingdom Coming”

  1. check your mail =)

  2. Essential, powerful and very aware.

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