– Laboratorio Suomi

This is a collection of live material recorded between 1998 and 2002 in the form of 15 tracks from 4 different shows around’s native Finland. This is a project that has always done the mechanized heavy distortions to near perfection, not straight forward beats but crushing factory sounds and all the abrasive atmospheres you would expect to go with it, and it’s nice to hear the live interpretations of these tracks. Saturating, grimy distortions and statics, pummeling cyclic plods and throbs, and distorted vocals more or less describe the essence of what does. It’s got the filthy abstraction of rust and grease and a mechanical core that builds a meditative quality to the ugliness. In the live setting the grit is accentuated and pervasive, the vocals more tortured and reckless. It’s a raw and primal listen with a genuine ferocity, that must have left an impression on the onlookers. The sound quality is pretty strong for a live recording yet still contains that “live” atmosphere to it, which I think helps the impact of these recordings. This is definitely a release worth picking up whether you’re a fan of the project or haven’t been exposed to them yet, don’t let the live element dissuade you. Excellent.

Review stolen from Worm Gear.

01 – Destiny (Random Killing)
02 – Pain as we Know It
03 – Neuroscan
04 – Patriots
05 – Homicide Division
06 – Peilikuva
07 – Hermoston Arkkitehti
08 – In a Glass Cage
09 – The Great Architect
10 – Dogs of Total Order
11 – Helvetin Esikartano
12 – Psyyke
13 – Arma Christi Part II – Human Vexation
14 – Herra
15 – Victory is a Question of Stamina

Laboratorio Suomi


~ by heavyelectronics on December 6, 2009.

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