Revolutionary Command – New Era

Those of you already familiar with David Rodgers works as the man behind vehement Power Electronics groups Brethren and Organized Resistance might do well to come to this project with fresh ears. While Rodgers’ unmistakable vocal bark and white power politics are present, this release features a more low-toned dynamic musically. From what I gather there are two additional players in the group, but I have nil information about them.

That’s not to say this is a bad thing. It’s a separate entity, why should it not? It harkens back to older industrial sounds or some of the earlier, more ambient sounds of PE bands like Genocide Organ, Operation Cleansweep or even the Grey Wolves, but of course with the throat bleeding vocalization.

“Different Reality” kicks things off with a muted roar paired with what sounds like distant wind chimes, bent and manipulated. Next up is “This Blood”, a noisy more aggressive sound to this one. Wind tunnel rumbles and static roar feature prominently over the covert vocal track. “Boiling Point” is one of my favorites, rumbling synth over factory whistle feeback. Up next is “Our Day”. This track displays a slightly distorted martial drum line over a low, looped synth track, very militant. I like this one a lot as well. “Solution” is another noisy track with strange layered vocal effects. Disturbing. Closing out the album is the brooding, ominous “Majority & Wisdom”. Rodgers speaks in a very natural tone in this track along with the normal yell. Very little effects on the vocals, it’s a cool combination.

All in all this is a great, and very different, addition to the David Rodgers discography. Nice minimal graphics on the sleeve and a lyric sheet and pamphlet written by Brethren, a good first release from ADR. Limited to 200 copies.

Review stolen from Plaguehaus.

01 – Different Reality
02 – This Blood
03 – Boiling Point
04 – Our Day
05 – Solution
06 – Majority & Wisdom

New Era


~ by heavyelectronics on December 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Revolutionary Command – New Era”


  2. fucking awesome

  3. Heroic. You have my 1,000,000s of thanks.

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