Taint & Strict – Split 7”

Filthy american noise split 7 inch from 1997.

01 – Taint – Turnedout
02 – Strict – Sewercunt

Taint & Strict
PW: heavyelectronics.wordpress.com


~ by heavyelectronics on January 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “Taint & Strict – Split 7””

  1. beautiful, especially the Strict side.

  2. Does anyone out there have a full discography for Taint?

  3. I have the entire Taint discog on mp3. If you have Soulseek find me, my handle is RyanWreck.

    Heavyelectronics: do you have the “End For Simulation Of Pro-Creation” comp?

    • Been looking for that one myself for a while, among other things. I guess a “requests’ section is coming soon to see if any regulars can help out finding some stuff.

  4. What are you looking for? The only three albums I do NOT have are “Scopotophilia”, the very rare ltd “Houston / Bellmead” live cassette, and “Satiate”. Unfortunately I do not have “Savage Weapons” on my computer currently either, but I can rip it if it is an absolute MUST. All of the other Taint albums (including splits, biz card singles and live) I do have.

    samekhlamedgimel@gmail.com or comment @ my Cbox (on my blog found below).

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