Murder Corporation – Victims

This is one of the first tapes released by the italian heavy noise electronics project Murder Corporation.

01 – Neurotic
02 – In Destroyer
03 – Escape
04 – Rattle
05 – Time for Action
06 – Noisekiller
07 – Slavelust
08 – Gaydog



~ by heavyelectronics on January 8, 2010.

7 Responses to “Murder Corporation – Victims”

  1. Great!!! MC is so hard to find…do you need some more tapes of MC? i have a big collection of tapes of them….will there be more MC stuff?

    • Sure, if you can upload more MC it will be very much welcome man.
      So far, aside from “Victims”, you can find “A Moment in Flesh” here in the blog as well. And if you like I also have the “Disturbance” double cassette from 1995 I can upload next.

  2. I have a question…
    Why are all the tracks fused together like one big song?
    Are they all supposed to be separate or something?

    Really good album though!

    • Each side of the tape is ripped into a single file. They are supposed to be separate tracks, but I couldn’t bother doing so really (btw, it’s not my rip).

  3. Oh… Thank you so much for the reply!
    I mean I was wondering that because I wanted to put one of the songs on my iPod, but it would take up too much space. And I’ve listened to songs that are this long (25, 30 minutes), but it’s just so boring after a while you know?
    But, yeah…
    Great album, and I love your site too!
    I’m actually trying to make one of my own website/blog, filled with a lot of rare but hardcore and mesmerizing music, crazy videos, and that kind of stuff – a multimedia site.
    I was wondering if you could find and upload some albums by the band/musician: LULL?
    All the music is done by Mick Harris.
    And cheers for the amazing music!!!!

    • I got nothing by Lull, but I’ll ask around.

      Once you start your site, we could trade links if you like.

  4. Ok, that sounds great! ­čÖé

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