Custodian – III

This one was sent by an anonymous reader. Nasty as fuck harsh NOISE!

01 – Untitled
02 – Untitled
03 – Untitled
04 – Untitled
05 – Untitled
06 – Untitled
07 – Untitled
08 – Untitled
09 – Untitled
10 – Untitled


~ by heavyelectronics on January 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Custodian – III”

  1. note to those unaware: custodian is jon engman from foetopsy, artery eruption, brodequin, screaming afterbirth, etc. i was surprised by how killer this record is, the man even throwing away his ridiculous drumming skills to do this minimal and extreme HNW.

  2. Hey, could you please re-upload this, or fix the link? It says that the file had gotten deleted or was invalid and now I can’t download this again.
    Thanks! =)

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