Genocide Organ – Live in Japan DVD (Audio only)

This is an AUDIO ONLY rip of the dvd that came with the cd version of GO’s Live in Japan 2003/2007. The material on the cd is NOT included here. If you like this, go and buy the actual CD/DVD because it kicks major ass in every single aspect.

Here’s a review stolen from the excellent Plaguehaus site:

I can’t even remember when I first heard the announcement for this live DVD/CD from GO. I do remember thinking “Fantastic!” and checking the bands myspace and the Tesco sight for months waiting for updates. Then came the news the audio would also be released in a LP edition. When you’re a fan and you build up that much anticipation for a release, you are almost always disappointed. I’m happy to report my trepidation was unfounded. This is the release of 2009 for me.

The DVD contains two shows the band did in 2003 at different clubs in Tokyo. The first one was filmed March 1st at Club 20000V and is definitely my favorite of the two. Although I’m fairly certain these were shot with small hi-8 or digital cameras, they have a gritty, 16mm effect that only adds to overall effect. Sometimes they’re a bit shaky, but having filmed several shows myself I know how tough it can be to get right up on the action. Tripods aren’t an option in a crowd. It’s shot from multiple angles and at times the same films that are projected behind the band are used as an overlay for the video for a fantastic effect. Mostly blue, almost blue lighting is used and the band themselves are all wearing masks that are sort of a cross between Leatherface and S&M gear. GO definitely understands how to make an impact, but don’t need anything gimmicky as they have the chops to deliver the audio as well as visually. And for a live set, the sound is spectacular. The set contains 11 tracks, from Remember, The Truth Will Make You Free as well as some unreleased material, but the majority are from In – Konflict era material. Excellent.

The second part was filmed a few days later on March 5th at Tokyo’s Club Die Pratze. Rather do the previous set again, the lucky Japanese folks were treated to a completely different set list. This one is preformed sans the masks, but on the first set the vocals are preformed while blindfolded. It’s a nice touch. Also the guitar-drone footage took me by surprise, and excellent addition. The overall quality of sound is not quite as good as the previous shows, but there are many factors that can contribute to that, but it’s a small price for such well shot footage. Most of the shots seem to come from somewhere in the center and slightly above the stage alternated with a few close-ups coming from the lower left. Again, the addition of the opaque overlays over the film itself provides an excellent element. Both shows are shown in their entirety from beginning to end.

TLP coverhe live CD that comes packaged with the DVD is from two live shows preformed on a return trip to Club 20000V in 2007. This is a “best of” collection of both shows. As much as I love their entire studio catalog, GO is one of those bands that seem to truly shine in the live ritual and when forced to name a favorite, I’d probably pick the previous live album “Remember” in all it’s various forms as well as being lucky enough to own them all. This collection ranks up there with that one. The sound is immaculate and the vocals are amazingly crisp. There are several previously unreleased tracks here as well, along with selections from In – Konflict, Mind Control and the new With Heart And Hand 7”. If you are a fan, then I am preaching to the choir. There is no possible reason for missing out on this. If you are curious on what true, industrial music should sound like, this is your chance to find out.

Tesco and Teito have also seen fit to release this in a vinyl LP edition with an identical track listing. It’s housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, comes with an A2 size poster and is limited to 888 hand-numbered copies. I strongly suggest grabbing both as to avoid the self-loathing later. I can’t recommend this enough.

Tracks 1-11 recorded live in Kouenji at the 20000V Club on March 1, 2003
Tracks 12-22 recorded live in Kagurazaka at the Die Pratze Club, March 5, 2003.

01 – Industrial Strife pt.1
02 – A Peculiar Crusade
03 – Liberate Yourself
04 – Vive la Guerre
05 – No Return
06 – No Better Culture
07 – Industrial Strife pt.2
08 – Disobey-Ends
09 – Moral Rear
10 – We Care for You
11 – RMG / Commandos
12 – Intro I
13 – Intro II
14 – Walk With Us Through History
15 – Filth Breeds Filth pt.1
16 – Filth Breeds Filth pt.2
17 – Untitled
18 – Legion
19 – Their Mighty Slaughter
20 – Kindstod (Infantdeath)
21 – Clean-Cide
22 – Wald

Live in Japan 2003 pt.1
Live in Japan 2003 pt.2

Live in Japan 2003 (Mediafire mirror)


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