Rape-X – False

First full album on proper CD from these degenerates. Rape-X play scuzzy, filthy power electronics; all crack dens, backstreet abortions and low-life criminal acts. There’s a lot of ridiculously over-the-top Bloodyminded-esque PE going on here, delivered in a very metal style – but for me they’re at their most effective on long, claustrophic passages such as “Arson” or the harrowing final track, “False”. Dark, sub-industrial clanking in the background, behind walls of air-raid siren drones. Powerful. often brutal stuff, and not for the faint of heart.

Thanks to J for the upload!

01 – Twat Cancer
02 – You Are at Risk
03 – Home Depot
04 – Kidnapping
05 – Grand Larceny
06 – Arson
07 – The Routine
08 – Burnt Chore
09 – Locked Up
10 – Not Wrong
11 – All Your Secrets Are Mine
12 – Stop Pretending You’re Crippled
13 – False


~ by heavyelectronics on January 22, 2010.

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