Bizarre Uproar – Mother pt.1

By request, here’s Mother pt.1 by Bizarre Uproar released on cassette tape by Filth and Violence.

01 – So Soft Newborn
02 – Doll
03 – Bedtime Story

Mother pt.1


~ by heavyelectronics on January 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “Bizarre Uproar – Mother pt.1”

  1. thanks!

  2. Thanks for this!
    Do you by any chance have any Xenophobic Ejaculation you could upload?

  3. Good one. Mother 2 is better and I can’t seem to find Mother 3, you have it? You should really make a request post or put up a C-box. Snuff would be a great upload too.

    • All I have is Mother 1. Maybe you’d like to upload part 2? 🙂
      I got the Snuff tape and could up it during the week. As for the request section, yeah I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but it’ll probably be something like the disclaimers and shit on the front page, because I have no idea how to insert a c-box into this wordpress blog thing.

  4. I’ll try and rip Mother 2, the only problem is that the only tape player I own right now is the one that is in my car :\

    I have Snuff – Untitled and am going to upload it on my blog as well.

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