Various Artists – Audial Decimation Compilation Vol.1

Over the past few weeks I’ve picked up, and reviewed, several “Various Artists” comps. Most of the time they bore the shit out of me, but lately the crops have been good and this one is definitely the cream. Excellently compiled and brought to you in satanic hatred from ADR and the man behind Deathkey.

Grunt – Wings Of Revolution: a repetitive sinewave synth coupled with bassy crunch. Skillfully controlled feedback and filtered vocals complete the mix. What complaint could I have with a master? There is none. Brilliant.
88MM – Funeral March Of The Cosmological Principle: this is hands down the best offering from the surreptitious 88MM. Pounding, rhythmic synth hiss, samples and the occasional melodic strain makes me think (again) theirs a definite Krautwerk influence.
Griz+zlor – Statue003: Wall Noise can get kind of boring if the artist has no purpose or sense of direction. The Griz is definitely one of my favorites because he suffers from neither of these maladies. Using a statue as the source sound, it carves it’s way around the brain folds and inserts enough variety to keep you guessing.
Brethren – Zionist Axiom: David Rogers can’t fail. Seriously, I can’t think of one thing I’ve ever been disappointed in. This track comes pounding in like a steam powered siege machine. Blasts of noise that mimic the vocal shouts and slices of crystalline feedback. Beautiful.
Emil Beaulieau – The Wild Goose Goes: Uncle Ron brings the subtle but sweet audio masochism. It’s Whack-A-Mole with sound. A 20 year veteran, fuck you. They are weak but he is strong.
Mania – Wake Up And Kill: I’d have to say Mania is my favorite Keith Brewer incarnation and this track along with “Armed To The Teeth” from earlier this year seal the deal. Pure feedback evilness, bass growl with some throat destroying vocal vomits.
Prurient – The Shortness Of Life: the track begins with deep bass rumbles with alternating hiss and then what sounds like a black metal loop on steroids and a blood curdling scream splits your skull like an ax stroke from a retard. I almost shit my pants the first time I heard it. Some piercing feedback and trippy echoed blasts for good measure, Dom always comes through.
The Grey Wolves/Werewolf Ensemble – Awake!: Werewolf Ensemble is the dark ambient project of Trevor Ward, so it’s kind of like a collab with himself, but I don’t remember seeing the name actually on a release before now. I really like this track a lot. It’s the perfect mix of PE and atmospheric industrial. It has the plodding gait and croaked vocals of a doom metal track.
FFH – Disposable Women: FFH is hands down one of my favorite PE acts going. The guy doesn’t put out near enough stuff to keep my satisfied so it was a pleasant surprise to see him here. A rumbling foundation of bass tones with layers of noise that gradually grow higher a louder to the apex and ends with distant aircraft hum.
Green Army Fraction – Wielder: this one begins with a strange sample. It almost sounds like some female televangelist giving the morning bible study, but I believe comes from the Hindu text, The Hymns of Rgveda. This track is more low-key with what sounds like cellos being bowed with some noise layered over the top. It ends as it began. You don’t have to be loud to be powerful.
Fleshobedience – Defectives: The demo tape from this project kicked my ass last year and ADR re-released it on CD a few months back. Staying true to the live analogue sound of the demo, it’s pure filth. An obvious Grunt influence, but with more black metal tinged vocal delivery. I can’t wait for more from this project.
Pain Nail – Watchtower: PN is probably my favorite of all Mikko Aspa’s projects. Excellent old school vein industrial, low-end distortion throb and mangled vocals. Genocide Organ, Operation Cleansweep, Pain Nail…my unholy trinity.
Nefarious Complex – Hymn Of A Psycho: kind of a warped out industrial/metal track, slowed down and ran through several filters and delays. I don’t know much about this outfit, and I thought this was the weakest on the disc. Not that it’s bad, just not really my thing.
Deathkey – Monolith: this track starts out with some anti-juden sampling over low rumbles and quickly brutalizes the listener with patented Deathkey hate-noise. The vocals are distorted beyond understanding, but the point is made. With each release, his tracks become more focused and fierce.

Excellent packaging with each artist represented by a page in the booklet. I could not stop laughing at the Emil Beaulieau page. You’ll have to buy it to see. A well thought out and deftly executed comp, this is one I’ll be dragging out on a regular basis.

Contact info: audial_decimation[at]yahoo[dot]com

Review stolen from Plaguehaus.

01 – Grunt – Wings of Revolution
02 – 88MM – Funeral March of the Cosmological Principle
03 – Griz+zlor – Statue003
04 – Brethren – Zionist Axiom
05 – Emil Beaulieau – The Wild Goose Goes
06 – Mania – Wake Up and Kill
07 – Prurient – The Shortness of Life
08 – The Grey Wolves – Werewolf Ensemble – Awake!
09 – FFH – Disposable Women
10 – Green Army Fraction – Wielder
11 – Fleshobedience – Defectives
12 – Pain Nail – Watchtower
13 – Nefarious Complex – Hymn of a Psycho
14 – Deathkey – Monolith

Audial Decimation Compilation Vol.1


~ by heavyelectronics on February 2, 2010.

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