Institut – Live Like Traitors, Die Like Traitors

Killer industrial noise P.E. from Malmö, Sweden. Definitely one of the noisiest releases CMI ever did.

01 – Patiently Waiting
02 – Move to Strike
03 – New Armour
04 – Dear Sir or Madame
05 – Once a Man
06 – Traitors
07 – Pick It Up
08 – Move Over Once
09 – Struggle for Life

Live Like Traitors, Die Like Traitors

~ by heavyelectronics on February 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Institut – Live Like Traitors, Die Like Traitors”

  1. excellent, thank you


    as always INSTITUTE outbreaking power made naughty sound, full of hopeless and misantrophy

  3. i can’t open the file .rar because seems that the password don’t work. Are you sure that the pw is ‘’?

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