Sick Seed – The Great Corrupter

I got my copy of this filth when it first came out a couple of months ago and finally gave it a proper listen the past couple of nights. This slab of vinyl is nasty, gritty, and disturbing, just what you would expect coming from the cult underground label Filth & Violence. Pekka PT, (former Gelsomina) poured his heart into the arrangement and vocals on this record, you can hear it with every breath shouted. Sick Seed only having a few compilation appearances and 1 full length cassette under his belt created a landmark release with his first vinyl appearance. Verbranntes Land is my favorite track on the record, the pulses of bass and the vice sounds of Finnish vocals did it for me. The songs all revolve around a recipe of a few main sounds; a synth line, the vocals, microphone feedback, and what sounds like a guitar. This mixture may sound simple but with one listen you will agree that this is nothing simplistic but pure filth and disease. Other phenomenal tracks I really liked were the Screwdriver cover of Snow Fell and The most hated crime of them all. I really like the fact that Filth and Violence has the old school feel with Xeroxed covers but it would have been really nice to have the actual color on this release because it is so original with the burning rats. Plain black sleeve with Xeroxed front and back inserts. Limited to 250 copies.

Review stolen from Detached.

Thanks to Ville for the upload!

01 – Irstaasta Ja Siveettömästä Elämästä
02 – Verbranntes Land
03 – A Plague Area (Dedicated to the Memory of J. G. Ballard)
04 – Snow Fell (Skrewdriver cover)
05 – Mielenkiihotustilat
06 – Luxurious Disease
07 – Huorakatu (recorded live at Private Reprisal #3)
08 – The Most Hated Crime of Them All
09 – Peenemünde / Bug-Out Location

The Great Corrupter


~ by heavyelectronics on February 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sick Seed – The Great Corrupter”

  1. This is a great album. Top notch original sounding PE.

  2. You’re a good man for posting this, but you are also a bastard because now I can’t post this stuff on my blog!

  3. Easily the best LP i bought in 2009.

  4. Wow, Skrewdriver’s cover! I very big fan of Skrewdriver and PE-cover its surprise for me!

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