Snuff – Snuff

There’s not a lot of information on this nasty little project, although with a brief search and with my not-so-Sherlock-Holmes deductive skills, it’s fairly simple to figure out those involved. And like most of the PE and Noise emanating from the Finns, you can expect only top quality sickness. This untitled release is the sophomore effort of the project, and it revolves around the 2001 slaying of a Lithuanian prostitute in Helsinki. I told you this would be fun.

Side A of tape one begins with “Phone”, varying tones of raw feedback, some garbled voices that sounds like it could be a taped phone conversation and hiss are pretty much all the track consists of. But the way the feed twists and writhes, it reminds me of the dial tone of a receiver knocked off the base and at 16+ minutes, it’s definitely an endurance test. “Kristina” takes up Side B, lo-fi pedal noise, intermittent feedback and some flanged crunch accompany some vber aggressive vocals that make excellent use of delay.

Side C consists of “Metro” and has more lo-fi filth, but with what sounds like a field recording of females chatting away on a bus ride. I can hear the motor slowing and accelerating, hence the title? At one point the girls laugh and make idle talk, then out of nowhere a blood curdling scream, but the females never miss a beat. It gave me the impression of the twisted mind of the killer as he stalks his prey. The track progresses much along the same lines as the previous one with the same delayed vocals and shit-smeared electronics with some definite heavy crunch in the last few minutes. Side D’s “Stalker” is the perfect ending, the track begins with around two minutes of heavy breathing before anything else happens. Then some abrasive loop (sampled scream or synth, I can’t tell) is added over it and those two sounds repeat over and over for almost 30 minutes until I wanted to kill a prostitute myself.

Contributing as much to the sickness of the sounds within, the traditional F&V Xeroxed art damage insert and j-cards, the two chrome tapes with polybox shells come housed in a sealable black plastic box that was smeared with fuck knows what. There was a packet of lubricant inside, so that’s my hope. Also included in the box, a used condom full of sperm and blood…take that Black Metal bands. I’ll see your “hand numbered in blood” releases and raise you a man-juice. Yes, luckily I read before hand that there was a special prize inside, so I knew to handle with much care. The whole thing is fitted inside a black medical style ziplock bag. This one is limited to only 60 copies, but that’s a lot of spunk and blood.

Review stolen from Plaguehaus.

01 – Phone
02 – Kristiina
03 – Metro
04 – Stalker



~ by heavyelectronics on February 5, 2010.

10 Responses to “Snuff – Snuff”

  1. Just great post after great post. This stuff is hugely appreciated, keep up the good work!

  2. Okay, so who IS this?
    Anyway you can hit us with a release date on this?

  3. This is a great release that just sucked me right in. I was kind of in a daze listening to this.

  4. this is out on filth and violence, at least it was the last news letter I got from them

  5. This is F&V people.

  6. Amazing uploads, but you really should use mediafire instead of Rapidshare. It rarely lets you download anything.

  7. Plague: Look at the live pictures (the only ones circulating) and compare them with the other groups playing that night, and with live XE photos. The pictures are buried somewhere on the Troniks boards.

  8. password? Encrypted file? What?

  9. Hey, thanks for posting this up.
    I’ve actually uploaded part 1 of the track Kristiina so far, and I’m going to upload part 2 of it right now.
    But I have a question to ask.
    According to about almost all of the tracks in this rip are a few minutes longer than they should be…
    So I am wondering about this… but whatever.
    I love this music. ❤

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