Harshashish – 3 albums

Many thanks to Julian for this upload!

CDr #1: The Cathartic Denaturation ov Logistics and Dyspepsia

“Root Conscious medical experimental power electronics”

Inner Notes: “Improvised through massive levels ov overload and sonic pressure at the Molon Nuclear resource shelters, room 203, during the lightless night ov 13.2.1999

These recordings are blessed with a genuine ancient feel, achieved with assistance from the functions ov thee software of today -in order to reproduce all the nuances hidden beneath a wall ov deliberate static noise, this should be played as loud as possible”.

01 – Enthropia Degeneral
02 – Encapsular Guidance
03 – Emission Synopsis
04 – Textured Pathologies and Excremations
05 – Cardiosyncopatient Monumentum Telepresentation
06 – Mononuclear Cavities in Soulvoid
07 – Armagenesis (Reciprocal Invocation)
08 – Severance from the Shrines
09 – Departure from the Oath

CDr #2: Transcapes ov Bleeding, Falloscraping Intercoarses at the Intersectionarses

“Grey area between Noise and Power Electronics (Like Zoviet France getting close to Power Electronics!)”

Inner Notes: “… was created in multitudes of cascading from June 1988 as the first signs ov an eroded twillight passing upon us spake to me in revelations, evidently our time in discreet and earthly fulfilment was transcribed as the time to serve once more hath lifted us.
Practiced in cohesion of sheer profanity it all eventually fell down through the futile essense ov the useless mind… “

Credits: “Assholes” and “Terminal” were released in june 1998, “Congregation” & “Embedding” based on tapes from the “Flood…” era. Guest Sculptors: on “Nuclear Bone and “Scrape and Ruined”: Clarinet by CA, evil sputum by CA, on “Main Amplifier”: gtr dirtel/ultra grim engineering by A. Perkele. Foin vittu, drums by Naxzul, vocals by Necrolover from Morkhail. On “Embedding”: vocals by Necrolover.

01 – In the Vein ov Nuclear Bone Suck
02 – Assholes Touches With Love
03 – Congregating Genitals, Cum Rainbow Colored
04 – Main Amplifier ov Feelings ov Love
05 – Embedding the Cross Inversible
06 – Terminal Falloscraping Monuments
07 – Scrape and Ruined (Herm)aphrodites

CDr #3: Scindo Eruptio Prognatus Aquilo

“Grey area between Noise and Power Electronics (Like Zoviet France getting close to Power Electronics!)”

01 – Mental Amplification
02 – Mental Pressure
03 – Vicarious Ambivalence
04 – Nielding cavities
05 – Black Field Artillery


~ by heavyelectronics on March 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Harshashish – 3 albums”

  1. I’m glad you liked it.

    If I can find something else that is nowhere else on the internet, for sure I’ll send it in the future.

    • Thanks Julian. Likewise, if there’s anything I can help you out with just let me know.

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