Grunt & Taint – Schoolyard Bruises

I fucking love this shit.

01 – Grunt – Caught
02 – Grunt – Bruises of Cash pt.2
03 – Grunt – Mental Illness
04 – Grunt – Too Many?
05 – Taint – Untitled
06 – Taint – Untitled
07 – Taint – One Thousand Days in Sodom

Schoolyard Bruises


~ by heavyelectronics on March 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “Grunt & Taint – Schoolyard Bruises”

  1. great blog…i just found lots of great stuff that i’ve been looking for for a while now…thanks!

  2. Hi! I’m really loving all this Grunt you’re putting out there. But for some reason, some of these releases just arent showing up on my iPod. I’m running one off linux, so I guess that COULD be the reason. Anyone else had this problem? I wanna listen to the Strom.EC split on my way to work!
    Anyway keep bringing the filth!

  3. Status update: Apparently Linux has some trouble with the tags or something on these files. Worked fine on a windows PC.

  4. Requesting stuff by Content Nullity PLEASE

  5. Requesting ULTRA’s Roman Holiday and anything by Content Nullity.

  6. I’ll try to have Roman Holiday up soon. I don’t have any Content Nullity myself, but I can ask around.

  7. Roman Holiday just got reissued on vinyl and is easily available, so why dont you just buy it you leeching cunts?

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