Ultra – Roman Holiday

By request:

‘Roman Holiday’

1. Enjoyment or satisfaction derived from observing the suffering of others.

2. A violent public spectacle or disturbance in which shame, degradation, or physical harm is intentionally inflicted on one person or group by another.

3. Album title by a triad of libertines, known as ULTRA, generally assumed to originate from the Pacific Northwest of the US, with ties to musical luminaries from the industrial, avant-garde and power electronics underbelly. An album title that compiles selections from a plethora of sources now long out of print, generally impossible to find and, in a few cases, unreleased. This double LP + 7″ reissue represents an even more thorough excretion than the CD version released by g.m.b.h. too many years ago. It is a welcomed purging for those of us who remember when “noise” and industrial” music were more than a cacophony of untalented alterna-culture jocks pretending to be ‘different’.

ULTRA has a lengthy history, paralleling that of bands like Whitehouse and The Sodality. It’s industrial, avant-garde, electronic music of the likes no longer known. ULTRA combines the fine art of subtlety, poetry and some bizarre sense of decorum here that must be synonymous with piano. Because piano = sophistication, right? The tracks are not necessarily overt or belligerent the way that modern ‘noise’ musicians tend to be trained, although each track has its own disturbingly prickly quality.

ULTRA creates a mixed sense of elation, ease, discomfort and a wantonness for predation upon repeated listenings. This music has a mercurial nature in that it continues to assume new shapes and presents alternate visions; elucidates novel anxieties; promotes unforeseen paranoias; and instigates troubling moral dilemmas. It’s like a subconscious setback, a week spent in stupor chasing the dragon or, alternately, a nighttime prowl for some tail to bloody up real good. It’s the catch being better than the chase. It’s the fulmination of libertinage and it’s strung together with enough instrumentation to disconcert the taker for all he has.

He? I’m sure there are a few women who might find this titillating, but not as many as the men who will get off on such charms like ‘New Centurion’ or ‘Whistle for your Mistress’. The fully depraved will probably drop seed to ‘Letter of Introduction’—possibly the most disturbing track I’ve ever heard alongside ‘Danse Macabre’ by Celtic Frost or a track or two from Premature Ejaculations. The music becomes Ted Bundy wearing the cast to lure prey into his van. It’s the pervert luring the kid into his car with candy. It’s the record on the turntable of the bogeyman that propels him before his nightly stalkings.

This is a true celebration and exaltation of personal gratification, no matter the cost to others. Yes, libertine to the bone!”-Tyler Davis, The Ajna Offensive

Dom America has just released a Double LP reissue this 1997 9-track CD, with an additional 7 tracks taken from various 7″s and compilations totalling 16 songs. Bonus 7″ E.P. contains two previously unreleased tracks culled from the ‘Zoll’ sessions.


Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8 are previously unreleased.
Tracks 3 & 9 are from Letter of Introduction 7″ (Syntactic, 1997).
Track 6 is from Circusirus 3×7″ comp. (Petri Supply, 1996).
Track 7 is from I Can’t Stand a Bitchy Chick 7″ (Aquilifer Sodality, 1989).

01 – Clusterfuck (Family version)
02 – Whistle for Your Mistress
03 – Perfect Pitch and Manchester United
04 – Wad 2
05 – Ultratumba
06 – Doll Rally
07 – New Centurion
08 – Malaria
09 – Letter of Introduction

Roman Holiday


~ by heavyelectronics on April 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “Ultra – Roman Holiday”

  1. thanks for this. requesting Sickness – I Have Become The Disease That Made Me

  2. sickness doesn’t like his shit posted, unfortunately

  3. Please up Death Squad – “Theological Genocide”

  4. Great up. Ups of any of the new batch of Hospital cassettes would be appreciated

  5. Excellent upload. Requesting some more Filth&Violence stuff..especially Snuff and Sadistic Bliss. Also some Content Nullity stuff would be great. I want to try this stuff out before purchasing..

  6. Glorious material. Do you have more Ultra?

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