Updates coming Soon / Death Squad – Theological Genocide

I’ve been through tons of shit these last couple months motherfuckers, but you can expect updates soon because let’s say I’ll be unemployed soon after I have a long overdue conversation with my boss.

So, here’s some Death Squad filth for you to jerk off to or whatever. More updates will come depending on the outcome of some drunken behavior and corporate executive faggots meeting real life angry workers, which are the ones who get shit done.

01 – Ascending Divinity: Death Compound
02 – Retribution is Clear
03 – Mechanized Faith (Movement One)
04 – Onward / Tonal Frequenciality
05 – Predator at an Airline Crash Site
06 – Hollowed Out Confessional
07 – Vibra-Fuckwhore Conveiving Christ
08 – Parasitical Cerebral Decay
09 – Shattering Self – Cored Out Soul
10 – Messiah 2057
11 – Mechanized Faith (Movement Two)
12 – Anthem / Ideologicalisms & Ists

Theological Genocide


~ by heavyelectronics on May 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Updates coming Soon / Death Squad – Theological Genocide”

  1. dont do anything stupid unless you want to, man

  2. Thanks for this. and let those fuckers know they fucked with the wrong man. quit…IN THE LURCH!

  3. Good luck man. Real life is more important than uploads.

  4. Good to see another post here. Hope all goes well whatever you decide.

  5. good luck, man.

  6. hang in there man

  7. So… did you actually kill your boss???

    Also: anyone has a copy of Sutcliffe Jugend’s self titled album???
    (1994, Susan Lawly).

    If you have that one… post it!!!

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