Gilles de Rais Order & Mania – Split 7”EP

A new little slice of nastiness from the fine folk at Trash Ritual. For those who may not have read earlier reviews, Mania is one of the monikers Keith Brewer of Taint fame operates under. Gilles De Rais Order was unknown to me before this split and I ‘m still among the unenlightened, a previous tape on Trash and a couple of comp appearances on Kristian Olsson’s Styggelse label is pedigree enough.

Gilles takes the lead track at 33-1/3 rpm with “Kicking The Dogs Of The New Holocaust”. It begins with some scrotum shaking bass fuzz while a female victim tells the tale of her abduction and rape. About a third of the way in I’m blasted with some nice, lo-fi PE sizzle and typical delayed shouted vocals. some high pitched feed back is manipulated throughout until the final cable buzz at the end. It’s nothing highly inventive or genre shattering, but it is a solid constructed piece of Power Electronics.

Side B belongs to Mania at 45 rpm. That’s right, each side has a different speed, just to make you work for it. No one said this was easy. One lone synth tone gets slammed with some muffled junk noise and sporadic feedback. Pissed off shouting of Mr. Brewer are inaudible, but it doesn’t matter. The vocals just serve as another instrument of abuse. I’d have liked just a bit higher levels on the metal works, but as I’ve said before, Mania is one of my favorites and just good at what he does. Oh, and it’s too fucking short.

The record comes housed in a black folded cardstock cover with some S&M naughtiness on the cover. A solid record and worth grabbing, it should be fairly easy to find for now.

Websites: Bitewerks | Trash Ritual

Review stolen from Plaguehaus

01 – Gilles de Rais Order – Kicking the Dogs of the New Holocaust
02 – Mania – Untitled

GdRo / Mania Split 7”EP


~ by heavyelectronics on May 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Gilles de Rais Order & Mania – Split 7”EP”

  1. Awesome, if you had Ultimate Orgasm from gilles de rais order, that would be awesome

  2. One of my favorites from 2009.

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