Sewer Election – Choking in Shit and Decadence

A1 taken from Split Tape with The Cherry Point on Troniks.
A2 taken from the Split CDr with Clew of Thesus on Cathartic Process and Sewer Records.
A3 taken from 3 inch CDr with same title on Sewer Records.
A4 taken from “Rising Tides of War” 3 inch CDr on Sewer Records.
B1 is unreleased.
B2 taken from “S/T” CDr.
B3 unreleased full length version of track that appears on “Sweetness Will Overcome” CD on Segerhuva.
B4 is unreleased.
B5 taken from “S/T” CDr.

MC released by Vemod, 2005. Limited to 50 copies.

01 – Some Velvet Morning
02 – Breaking Audio Masturbation
03 – I Guess Peace of Mind is an Illusion After All
04 – Hell is Here
05 – Horhak pt.2
06 – A.D.M.S.
07 – I Give You My Heart
08 – Dramaqueen
09 – Collapsed

Choking in Shit and Decadence


~ by heavyelectronics on May 25, 2010.

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