Gas Chamber – Gas Chamber

This album – more than half an hour of noise from UK. Gas Chamber invaded the scene of noise/power electronics in 2008 by releasing 4 CDrs and one cassette that is playing now. All in all it is not a bad album. Though nothing innovative was heard, but it without much doubt goes together with middlings. In the promo cassette – 5 pieces, recorded to one side and the other one left blank. Yes, it is not comfortable to rewind always after listening to the album, but format is as it is and presentation is at is too. Album begins with the 6 minute piece “Stench” (while looking through the titles – it seems that it is grindcore album). Short sample about damaging of sexual organs and here we go with the fundament of rich low frequencies and noises through flanger effect on top of it. That forms and fills in the upper level of frequencies. While listening to the very first piece some strange irritating twitching sound is heard in the left side from time to time that seems out of place. What is that? The second song shoots without any introduction – the pulsating flanger effect is changed by manipulations of feedback, but the song is once again rather static, like the first one. The sound does not try to make any strain, it does not change cardinally, but just fills time with noise and continues in one static line that was taken since the start. The third piece is not very different in structure from the first two – sample in the beginning, then feedback and noises underneath. But here some voice is heard though is it the voice of the musician or the sample it is very hard to tell because it is impossible to hear the words. I sit and think now. Do I like these experiments and pseudomelodies with feedback in here or not. But it seems that it could be better without them. It would be rather suppressing piece, but these random sounds (if these are not random then they are very poorly composed) disturbs the mood. After a short insert we go to the last piece “Bodyshock”. It is the longest, but at the same time the best song in the album. The cassette is finished with powerful rhythm, rough low-rumble wall and feedback. In spite of some sound problems and other nuances the impression is not bad. Well, the start is done for this project and I hope that there are still enthusiasm left and it will be possible to hear more of Gas Chamber.

Review stolen from Terror Webzine.

01 – Stench
02 – Bile
03 – Carved Tongues
04 – A Burning Feeling From Inside
05 – Bodyshock

Gas Chamber


~ by heavyelectronics on May 29, 2010.

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